Battle TOURS


     Back to Normandy   August 6-20, 2023


            The Complete Overlord D-Day Battle Tour:

       *    50 Miles of the Beachhead 

       *    5 Beaches ( Sword, Juno, Gold, Omaha and Utah )

       *    Bunkers, Coastal Guns, Arromanches ( Mulberry Harbors )

             Drop Zones 

       *    Walk the Battle Areas and discuss Strategies and Tactics             *    Culmination at the Battle of the Falaise Gap - Conclusion

              of  the Normandy Campaign ( end of AUG 44 )  


            Package Price:  available December 2022

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  Market Garden & Bulge  October 12-26, 2023 


       Two Monumental Battles - Victory in the Balance: 


 *    Travel the 60 miles from Joe's Bridge over the Schelde Maas Canal            on the Belgium/ Holland border up the "Corridor" to Arnhem.

  *   Explore the main Market Garden battle areas & DZ / LZ at  Best,            Veghel, Grave, Groesbeek, Oosterbeek and Arnhem the  "Bridge too          Far" .

  *   In the Bulge Battle Hitler attacks the allied Armies (DEC 44) in the

       Ardennes with three armies, 200,000 soldiers and 970 tanks.  

                  Package Price:   available March 2023  


            Check “ Views of Market Garden and Bulge ”  in PHOTO                         GALLERY  under the More menu on the Home Page.

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