Battle TOURS


        Back to Normandy   August 6-19, 2019

                   " 75th Anniversary Edition"

                      The COMPLETE D-Day Battle Tour:

       *    50 Miles of the Beachhead 

       *    5 Beaches ( Sword, Juno, Gold, Omaha and Utah )

       *    Bunkers, Coastal Guns, Arromanches ( Mulberry Harbors )

             Drop Zones 

       *    Walk the Battle Areas and discuss Strategies and Tactics             *    Culmination at the Battle of the Falaise Gap - Conclusion                  of  the Normandy Campaign ( end of AUG 44 )  


         Cultural Sights:  


        *  Caen (Wm the Conqueror's Medieval City)

        *  Bayeux Tapestry ( the Norman Conquest of England 1066) 

        *  Mont St.Michel

        *  Giverny (Monet's House & Gardens)

        *  2 Days in Paris (cuisine, art, architecture and monuments)

        *  Dinner Cruise on the Seine   

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 Market Garden & the Bulge  October 7-21, 2019


                  " 75th Anniversary Edition" 

In the fall and winter of 1944 American and Allied forces engaged the German Army in two of the most significant battles of World War II.  Operation Market-Garden (September 1944) in Holland was the largest airborne assault in the history of warfare.  The objective was to rapidly put forces across the Rhine River, attack the Ruhr industrial complex, open the road into Germany and end the war by December 1944.  Unfortunately the operation failed to achieve it's objective.  As was said of the mission, it was  “a Bridge too Far.”  The Battle of the Bulge (December 1944) in Belgium and Luxembourg was a massive German counter-offensive to break through the allied lines in Belgium, divide the allied armies and seize the port of Antwerp.  The German offensive failed and the backbone of their army was broken.  Traveling to the drop zones and battle fields of Market-Garden and the Bulge is an opportunity to walk the battle ground and learn about those monumental  days in 1944 when the outcome of the war hung in the balance.  


    Check " Views of Market Garden & Bulge" in the PHOTO GALLERY


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